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Lori Bolt has had the joy and privilege of teaching piano in the San Clemente area for more than 30 years. She specializes in the Suzuki Method, educating students from age four to adults. Her teaching philosophy is “every student can learn to play.”

“I began my teaching career as a ‘traditional’ piano teacher, but was drawn to the Suzuki Method when I saw how students were able to develop a higher ability at the piano and took more pleasure in playing when instructed by Suzuki’s mother-tongue approach. The core of the approach is listening. Because the student develops good listening skills and focuses on beautiful tone while they learn to play, I truly feel that this method is a well-rounded approach to music instruction for any age.”

Mrs. Bolt has received her Suzuki training at various Workshops and Summer Institutes under the instruction of certified Suzuki Teacher Trainers. Her training has been certified and registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas (S.A.A.). She is a teacher member of that organization, and continues to further her education by taking S.A.A. courses.

“I enjoy applying the principles I’ve learned to all ages, not just young children. I tailor each lesson to the student. I also feel that learning takes place best when the student is having fun, so will often use games during lessons and monthly Workshops.”

Lori’s program consists of private weekly lessons and a monthly group Workshop for all students. Students perform at informal recitals called Piano Parties and at occasional visits to senior residences.

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