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Whether you or your child have a dream to be a piano virtuoso, a rock musician, or just want to enjoy entertaining your friends, Brian Lotter Piano Studio can help make that dream a reality.

Brian Lotter Piano Studio teaches the student to appreciate, understand, and have fun with music through various teaching methods including piano practice, music theory, various instruments and other media.

For every lesson, Brian Lotter pays special attention to the detail of each student’s physical and mental capabilities. From the beginning, lessons are catered specifically to each student. Brian inspires his students by bringing out their strengths and weaknesses in a positive manner. He uses examples from everyday life to enhance the learning process.

It is important to Brian that each of his students becomes a musician, not just a piano player. This means not just playing notes on a page but that they express a creative, imaginative aspect to playing music. The important stuff is not just learning technique, but to teach someone to have a skill they can be passionate about. It is also important to have a foundation in order to know how to bend that foundation to musical expression.

Brian Lotter’s performance credits have included the White House, The Kennedy Center, Royal Caribbean International and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. He has taught students aged 5 to 91, from beginning to advanced. Brian teaches Romantic and Classical styles, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Ragtime. Lessons are one-on-one and are available for 30 minutes or an hour. He also provides training in music theory and composition for those interested.

Call 757-846-6733 or reply by email to schedule a consultation or your first lesson today!

ADVICE TO PARENTS: Please call for a consultation regarding any questions you might have about piano lessons and what the studio can offer. Brian is also happy to provide additional information to help find the right teacher for the student.

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