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    Your user name will be incorporated into your site's URL (www.pianoteachers.com/username). To make our site consistent, we recommend that your username be your first name and last name. For example, if your name is Richard Smith, your user name could be "richardsmith".

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    This password will be required ONLY when you update your page. Please keep your password separately in your file. Please do not use any of your existing password. Make a separate one for PianoTeachers.com.

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    Write the address/location of your studio. If your studio is at home, and you don't want to publish your full address, you may just write the approximate location or city and zip code.

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    Put in your phone number if you want to publish this information in your webpage.

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    If you want to publish your e-mail address so that students can contact you, please let us know.

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    If you want to create an external link from your pianoteachers.com website to your existing website, please type in your existing website address here.


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