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Teaching music is my greatest passion, and sharing my love for music with others brings me joy. With my lessons, I will bring music to your heart and home!

What makes practice fun and brings motivation to your studies? When you transform black dots on a music staff into beautiful sounds and learn how to express musical ideas filled with your own emotions, that brings a sense of pride in your talent. You feel that your music makes you very special!

To build a solid foundation in piano/flute basics, I teach music theory, techniques and sight reading. These skills are used to master and perform classical and popular music.

I love teaching both children and adults. Of course, all lessons are customized and constructed based on individual preferences and experience level.

The beginners are encouraged to learn the basics by performing fun, entertaining pieces, that keep their interest growing. Advanced students have the opportunity to choose more challenging music genres of their interest to discover their strongest talents.

My teaching methods often incorporates CD's into the learning. Children love to play along with the whole orchestra or band!

Annual student recitals are held to demonstrate students' growth in technique and performance. At the recitals students get to perform their chosen music style. Our audience of families and friends enjoy the world's most famous folk tunes, the biggest variety of classical repertoire, popular music of all times, music from the motion pictures, Disney Channel series, musicals, jazz, blues, ragtime, etc.

Student, family and teacher work together as a strong team, exploring the magical world of music and mastering performance skills. Together we celebrate the joy of sharing and living with music!

I have played piano and flute since my childhood. I am a classically trained musician with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from one of the oldest European
Academies of Music and Theater in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I have taught piano and flute at the Children's Music Academy in Lithuania for 14 years. The last 6 years I worked as a Master Teacher.

17 years ago my family moved to the United States. For the first 3 years I played flute, first chair, at the Pierce College Symphonic Band (Woodland Hills, CA) and participated in various concert tours, performing in CA, AZ, NV, NY.

For next 2 years I was working as a lead piano instructor for the young age beginners at the music studio "Beethoven, Mommy and Me" (Pacific Palisades, CA), with emphasis in performance preparation.

In 1999 I started giving private piano and flute lessons at my studio or students' home. I have been serving Santa Clarita for 13 years.

Member of Music Teachers' Association of California since 2011.

Studio Location
18668 Kimbrough St. Santa Clarita, CA 91351
(661) 510-6555