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Natalia Huang is a piano teacher who knows she is destined to teach. At the age of five, she started to take piano lessons. Even though playing the piano had always been enjoyable, practicing quickly became tedious. For a while, thoughts of quitting piano ran through her mind until she met her teacher, Renee Chang. Renee was a teacher who understood how to communicate with students, and released the passion in Natalia for the piano. Since then, Natalia told herself that she would become a piano teacher that could become a motivation to students like Renee was to her.

Natalia's passion for playing the piano led her to earn many awards. She won several awards at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Southern California Bach Festival, and Cypress Competition. Natalia has also performed twice with members of the University of Southern California orchestra during her studies with Paul Huebner.

From the time she started to give lessons at the age of fifteen, she knew teaching would be a career for life. Natalia was a natural at interacting with students and felt at ease when communicating her knowledge onto others. Accepted into the prestigious Manhattan School of Music for Bachelors in Piano Performance, Natalia became focused on becoming an extremely well-rounded pianist. Natalia understood that the more knowledge she gained, the more her future students would benefit from her.

After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, Natalia set up her private teaching studio in New York City and quickly filled up her studio with students ranging from children starting at age four to adults. Her students perform at annual recitals and workshops, and are known to receive high marks from the ABRSM exam. Natalia's enthusiasm for teaching continues to grow over the years.

Studio Location
Manhattan (Murray Hill), NY
(917) 698-1005