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I started studying piano at the age of five in Kyoto, Japan. I also began studying vocal music when I was 14. I entered Osaka College of Music where I studied vocal music with Atsuko Ueki and piano with Sachiko Yanabu, whose teachers included Leonid Kreutzer (if you trace back 4 generations from Kreutzer, you can reach Beethoven). I graduated from Osaka College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in vocal music and a minor in piano.

I later studied organ with Parley Belnap and Richard Elliott (current Principal Organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) as a graduate student at Brigham Young University (BYU). While at BYU, I received various performance awards and scholarships. I also performed solo recitals on the Tabernacle Organ in Salt Lake City. I graduated from the BYU School of Music with a master’s degree in Performance/Pedagogy of Organ. I have also studied organ with Robert Bates and piano with Richard Cionco.

I have been serving as an organist and a pianist in Sacramento for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for many years. I perform piano, organ, and vocal solos and vocal ensembles for church services and recitals. I have directed choirs of various age groups (children, youth, and adults) and have taught a basic conducting class and an organ class in the church. I have also volunteered as a music teacher for grades 1-6 in a public elementary school where music have not been implemented in the curriculum. I have been teaching piano, voice, organ, solfege, music theory, and ear training both in Japan and in the U.S. for total of 30 years. I have taught students from the age of 4 to 70+.

Because of my unique background in learning 3 different areas of music - piano, voice, and organ (J. S. Bach, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn were also organists), I have been able to enhance my understanding and interpretation of music. I am grateful for each individual student who has studied music with me. Because of my years of experience with them, I have been able to learn better ways to communicate with students and their parents. It is my great desire to convey the musical skills and knowledge I have obtained to each individual.

I provide private one-on-one lessons customized for each student. Each individual comes from a unique background with a different potential. I observe each student very carefully and do my best to help him/her improve their skills in playing, reading, and understanding music. Private piano lessons are more effective than group piano lessons because a teacher can focus on just one student without any disruptions during each lesson. Also a student's problems are diagnosed more quickly compared to group lessons where they are often overlooked. By taking private lessons from a good teacher, a student can develop good posture, longer attention on music, and eventually a larger repertoire in piano music than by taking group lessons. Each student is required to practice their assigned music at home on a daily basis.

Music Theory
Music theory is one of the important elements of music. During piano lessons, I often teach music theory by teaching the meaning of music terms such as time signature and keys (major and minor) related to the piano music a student is working on. I always make sure that the student is understanding what I explain during private lessons.

I value communication with students and their parents. I have experience with teaching students of all sorts of levels, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. I provide the best environment possible where students and parents can feel comfortable communicating with me.

Free consultation is available regarding purchase or rental of a piano for each prospective student. I am familiar with various types of pianos.

Please contact Nanae Wolf at (916) 346-9236 for more details.

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