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B.S. -- Doctor Sun Yet-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.
M.S -- University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA.


On Music
Music is a language - to be understood in sentences, paragraphs and chapters. Students who are still struggling with letters and words need the guidance that will reveal to them the larger meaning of musical language -- the organic coherence of the musical composition.

On Music Theory:
Study music theory to make conscious the unconscious; to gain certainty from intuitive instinct; to acquire the idea of what music really is; to understand musical structure and continuity. Do not study music theory for the theory’s sake.

On Ear Training:
Train the ear to embrace the sentences, paragraphs and chapters of the music -- that is the instinctive understanding which marks a true musician. Say no to notewise listening.

On Technique:
Technique is nothing but physiological function of the body. Just as natural a thing as breathing and walking. If you let your soul, your imagination, your ears lead the way. Your fingers will come along.

On Students:
Every student is a unique human being who has his own way of learning and thinking. and different student has different goal. Treating every student individually, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Studio Location
Hicksville, New York
(516) 681-3878