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My goal is to instill a love of music in my students, to lay a solid musical foundation, to unlock musical expression and creativity, and to guide students toward eventual independence. My focus is to teach important musical skills such as technique, sight-reading, music theory and history, ear training, and composition. I lead students to the most effective way of learning, practicing, memorizing and performing. These skills translate far beyond the piano.

I emphasize musical expression in combination with technical mastery and use an individual approach when selecting repertoire, focusing on each student’s personal interests, aspirations, and abilities.

My background in musicology lends me to make comparison between various compositions, styles and forms of music and other arts (dance, theater, literature).


I teach private piano, theory and composition lessons to students of all ages and levels.

What to Expect

I always try to find the most effective tools to communicate with students of different levels and ages.

From the beginning, my students learn the importance of the proper sitting position at the piano, arm/wrist alignment and movement, finger independence, hand coordination and balance, memorization, and performance skills.

Learning theory should be very fun and engaging. I always try to connect the theory facts with numerous music examples from popular songs and classical musical literature.

I strongly encourage and support my students’ interest in improvisation and composition. I guide them in writing bright, memorable melodies, well balanced supporting parts, and important principles of harmony, texture, and form.

About the Teacher

Ever since my early childhood, music was something that I could never imagine myself without. I remember playing constantly, for hours the songs I heard on TV or the radio. In childhood I discovered to have the quite rare “perfect pitch” ability to pick up any music by ear and play it with both hands. My dream to be a musician led me to my education at Music School, College, and Conservatory, and eventually to my career.

I graduated from Dmitri Shostakovich Music College in Novorossijsk, and Rostov-Don State Rachmaninoff Conservatory (Russia) with Master’s degrees in piano pedagogy, theory, history of music, and composition.

My more than three decades of teaching experience originated in Russia, where I taught piano, theory and musical literature at a music school. I have been teaching in Texas since 1995 in my home piano studio in Allen. Many of my students have earned awards and recognition at Festivals, Recitals, and Competitions. I have successfully prepared some of my talented and dedicated students for their continuing piano, theory and composition study at the university level. I feel very fortunate and happy to have music as my profession and to share my knowledge and experience with my students. I enjoy performing at recitals as well as entertaining my family and friends with improvisations.


  •  PMTA (Plano Music Teachers Association)
  • MTNA (Music Teachers National Association),
  • TMTA (Texas Music Teachers Association)
Studio Location
Allen, Texas
(972) 332-8693