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Born and raised in the Southwest, Laurie Robinson is a graduate Cum Laude of the University of Arizona in piano and composition where she was a student of renowned American neo-classical composer, Robert Muszinsky and noted pedagogue and Liszt scholar, Ozan Marsh.

During her last 18 years as a private instructor, Laurie has educated hundreds of children and adults, becoming involved in the musical development of numerous families. Laurie's teaching philosophy recognizes the student's necessity to gain a level of accomplishment very early on, and adapts to the natural abilities that each student brings. Understanding that in both children and adults, all students can innately play some music by ear, understand the geography of the instrument, harmony and a simple reading of the musical language.

Demystifying this musical process is the basis for her developing a unique and extremely effective piano method upon which her students thrive.

In addition to providing a modified comprehensive piano method or a very traditional European classical education, Laurie also coaches aspiring songwriters to achieve their goals at the piano and in lyric writing, as well as theory and harmony for professional musicians.

Besides being an educator, she is also an accomplished composer, songwriter and vocalist.

Her compositions have been performed by renowned ensembles such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra.

As a vocalist Laurie Robinson has performed as a featured artist at the Hollywood Bowl in 2005, 2006 as well as at the Kennedy Center For Performing Arts in Washington D.C. in June 2007 with the National Symphony Orchestra.

She has worked also for the film and television industry, with music composed for ABC and Fox networks and has recorded or conducted on nearly every major scoring stage in Los Angeles.

Studio Location
Los Angeles/Burbank
(818) 505-6846