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My Primary Focus at FRK PIANO STUDIO is Private, Personalized, Piano Instruction. Educational Electives such as Music Theory, Composition, and Improvisation are Emphatically Encouraged. Other Instrumental Lessons include Trumpet and Accordion. All Musical Genres are Taught. Many of our Most Gifted and Talented Pianists and Composers started Lessons at the Age of Three. While Piano Teachers in general Refuse to accept Very Young Students, I WELCOME THEM. I Invite Eager, Young Minds of ALL AGES from THREE to NINETY-THREE at FRK PIANO STUDIO. My Motto is "Delight In Discovering Your Unique Musical Ability". I'm a Degreed Professional with over Thirty Years of Music, Educational Experience. I Proudly service New Jersey's Burlington and Mercer Counties in the Convenient Location of My studio, FRK PIANO STUDIO. FRK PIANO STUDIO is a Private School of Music and as such, not unlike other private, school enterprises, is tuition-based. The Typical, "hit-or-miss, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter system of teaching a singular method series" is Replaced with a Progressive, Comprehensive, Teaching Approach using Several, Cornerstone Courses in conjunction with Personally Composed and Arranged Music. This Technique of Personalized, Custom-Tailored, Curriculum Development Maximizes Achievement, Enthusiasm, Advancement, Motivation, and Satisfaction. And don't forget Fun. It is Always more Enjoyable to Practice what Really Fits rather than a "One-Size-Fits-All" agenda. I call this Unique Teaching System, "INDIVIDUALIZATION". Its Success is Absolutely Remarkable!!!

For more detailed information, Call (609) 261-1175 or Search --- frank king piano teacher --- and Visit my Website: www.pianolessonswithfrankking.com

Studio Location
6 Beachwood Lane
Burlington, NJ 08016

144 Farnsworth Avenue
Bordentown, NJ 08505
(609) 261-1175

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