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As a piano teacher I focus on instilling a love and enjoyment of music as well as providing each student with a solid background in technique and theory. A stress on melody, good rhythmic understanding and reading skills are of prime importance. Music is chosen to suit a student's individual skills and personal tastes. This maximizes musical enjoyment and motivates learning. Intermediate students are given a solid foundation in the classics and exposed to ensemble playing of duets and concerti.


Enid Rothchild's early piano studies were with Iris Brussels, pianist and composer and student of Josef Lhevinne . She continued her piano studies at the Boston Conservatory of Music where she received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano with honors. At the Conservatory Mrs. Rothchild was a student of Katja Andy, student and assistant of Edwin Fischer. Post graduate studies were in Music and Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia University/Teachers College. She continued her private piano studies with Gates Wray, student of Beveridge Webster, Isabella Vengerova and August Stromilla.


Enid Rothchild has been a private piano teacher in NJ for 40 years. She has also taught in public school and private school music programs. Mrs. Rothchild is an accredited piano teacher of the National Piano Guild and has been an adjudicator for the Piano Guild, Professional Piano Teachers Congress of NYC, Professional Piano Teachers of NJ, NJ Federation, OH Federation and the MEA. Mrs. Rothchild was a past board member of the NJ Federation and MEA.

Students ages 7 through adult are welcome.

Please call 201-815-7109 or email ladyrothchild@gmail.com to set up a time to discuss lessons.

Studio Location
West Milford, New Jersey