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Mr. Hampton began his career as a prodigy with Paramount's Stars of Tomorrow. Subsequently he studied with Artur Schnabel, Myra Hess, Guy Maier, Adolph Baller and Alexander Brailowsky. He is also a well-performed composer in this country and in Europe and has four publishers. Bosworth Ltd. translates his books into various languages.

He became a teacher of Piano and Composition in his teens at the Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago and later founded the Hampton School of Music in Redding California. He has created successful concert pianists, composers, and teachers through both private and master class mentoring. His students range from the beginner to those who have given their debuts in San Francisco, New York and London. He has conducted pedagogical seminars throughout the United States, and is under contract with Steinway.

Presently he has the Hampton School of Music in Redding California (530-243-8582) where he trains pianists, composers and teachers. He advocates very strongly that the highest standards of training for both the amateur and professional is, right from the beginning, the most beneficial training in achieving the highest results.

The Musical Arts League, composed of students who study with Duane Hampton, was established in 1977 to engender appreciation of the classical piano art and for composers of the Northstate and throughout the world who study with Duane Hampton. The League is proud to support Redding's historic Cascade Theatre and Jefferson Radio by donating all the yearly concert proceeds to the theatre.

Studio Location
2130 Amelia ct.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 243-8582