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Brenna Berman holds an Adjunct Faculty position with The Golandsky Institute and has thirteen years of training as a performer and teacher of the Taubman Approach. She became a Certified Instructor of the Taubman Approach in 2006, and is now certified at the Associate level. Ms. Berman has studied with the highest experts in the field: Robert Durso, Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, and Dorothy Taubman. The Taubman approach was discovered and developed to promote virtuosity, eliminate pain, and solve technical difficulties. It incorporates a thorough understanding and mastery of coordinated movement at the keyboard, giving the pianist the ability to reliably create desired accuracy and musical effect.

As a certified teacher of the Taubman Approach and a previously injured pianist, piano technique is of the utmost importance in her teaching. Rhythm, musicality, and artistic expression are clearly essential aspects of being a musician, but too often the tools that allow us to create these aspects of music are neglected. Those who study piano wish to express themselves musically; Ms. Berman believes it is the job of the teacher to equip them physically so that they can realize their musical visions.

Ms. Berman is based in Colorado and holds private studios in Lousville, CO, College Station, TX, and Philadelphia, PA. She has more than thirteen years of experience teaching piano to students of all ages and levels. Although she spent three years as a Professor of Piano at Drexel University in Philadelphia and was an instructor at various other institutions from 1998 to 2004, her preferred type of teaching is one-on-one in the private studio. Ms. Berman's goal as a teacher is to find a way to effectively teach each student on an individual basis. Each person has their own unique style of learning, and she seeks to discover and explore these styles to enable the most productive and enjoyable learning experience. Her lessons incorporate a well-rounded balance of piano technique, music theory, rhythm, note-reading, and artistic expression that is appropriate to the age, level, and musical interests of each student.

When Brenna is not teaching, she is performing or preparing for performances. Ms. Berman has performed and competed since childhood, giving performances in more than 12 U.S. States and in Italy. On March 8, 2008, she gave her New York Recital Debut at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. In 2007, she won Second Prize in the International Piano Competition "Guiseppe Terraciano" in Giffoni Valle Piano, Italy, and won the Special Presentation Award from Artists International. Ms. Berman's piano duo with pianist Jonathan Fisher, BIDECA, actively performed in Philadelphia and New York before her relocation to Colorado. BIDECA's primary goal was to challenge conventions in contemporary music.

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Louisville, Colorado
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