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Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at Fullerton, majoring in Music with a special emphasis in Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying.

Masters degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1981. As an ordained minister, I served in ministry as a pianist, music director, choir director, arranger and composer for 26 years.

Masters degree in Music Education from Southern Methodist University in 2005. At SMU he studied with Dr. Carol Leone, Associate Professor and Head of the Piano Department.

Studio Goals

My joy is seeing students:

  • successfully play beautiful music at the piano;
  • display enthusiasm for the music they are learning; and
  • automatically apply concepts and skills learned to a new piece of music.

Students who commit to working with me will:

  • have the joy of using music as a gift to serve God and to share with people in homes and in public venues;
  • have the ability to discover and understand the theoretical structure of a piece;
  • have the ability to independently work out a piece from unknown to mastered;
  • regularly play piano for fun, self-expression, and as an emotional outlet;
  • have a general knowledge of Western art music history and its greatest composers;
  • enjoy listening to classical music more as a result of increased knowledge of theory and history;
  • realize the positive influence that piano study has on life, such as:
    • the friendships and community ties established as a result of their active musicianship;
    • increased confidence, poise, and perseverance;
    • enhanced life skills, such as how to divide a project into sequential tasks and how it feels to reach fulfillment of challenging goals; and
    • character development in the skills of delayed gratification and self-discipline.
  • remember piano lessons as a positive experience; and
  • regard himself or herself as a "pianist".

Professional Organizations

  • Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
  • Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA)
  • Richardson Music Teachers Association (RMTA), Board Member
  • Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)
  • Pi Kappa Lambda Society, Alpha Eta Chapter, Southern Methodist University
Studio Location
3030 Castle Rock Lane
Garland, TX 75044
(469) 222-5173